The Muira M010 Point Of Sale Solution From EPS

The Miura M010

Be mobile, be counter-top and be in-store. It’s not as impossible as it sounds. The Miura M010 platform solution evolves the retail experience so interaction with customers is possible wherever they go and however they pay, supporting both contact and contactless transactions. The M010 platform bridges the retail ecosystem by allowing physical connection to new smart tablet cash registers as well as existing more traditional POS systems. However, it can then be undocked and also used as a mobile solution. It will queue-bust or serve in-store, right beside the customer, to prevent lost sales and make optimum use of your hardware investment. And the usual boundaries do not apply. Take the M010 device out of the store, to pop-up locations, seasonal exterior POS events and more. This is true Chip and Pin integration, across any retail environment.


The M010’s ergonomic design is the result of our extensive experience and that of consumers in the mPOS marketplace and has enabled us to produce a PED that not only looks and feels good but is packed with features such as a sizeable easy to read screen, a large simply operated keypad and a single dock connector for both power
and data. It fits snuggly into the hand for secure ease of operation. It is light and comfortable to use and when not required can be slipped into a pocket or integrated into a tablet environment.

Mobility – Designed for Here, There and Anywhere

At Miura, we’re dedicated to providing world-class solutions for all organisations, from independent market sellers to large national enterprises. The M010 enables us to do all of this with a single handset, capable of accepting payments anytime and anywhere. The M010 is designed to be mobile taking a merchant from outdoors to indoors integrating via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to smartphones, tablets and existing POS infrastructures.

Miura Payments Interface (MPI)

The M010 runs the latest Miura Payments Interface (MPI) libraries which are designed to enable fast, secure transactions in both fixed and mobile environments and any existing investment made in developing applications for the Miura platform (Shuttle/ MSeries) can easily be used with the new M010. These proven API’s remove the need for complex payment integrations, simplifying the development effort necessary for partners to add the Miura platform into their existing Point of Sale solution, through its handling of all of the core card/EMV payment processes as well as any mobile communication processes necessary to connect with smart devices such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Secure and EMV Certified

The M010 provides the ultimate in both security and performance. Unrivalled payment processing speeds are delivered through its ARM based processor alongside the powerful MSCLE™ operating system. It has PCI PTS 3.0 certification including SRED and open protocols, and can be certified as part of a point to point encryption (P2PE) solution, giving the high level of security today’s dynamic retail environments demand.

The M010 is EMV Level 1 and 2 (contact and contactless) certified, enabling the delivery of essential cryptographic and key management processing requirements (DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT).


More than just a pin pad, the M010 delivers support for all the connectivity options required by today’s retail organisations, including USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, the M010 includes the Apple Authentication co-processor allowing it to connect to any iOS device.

Reduced TCO

The M010 delivers industry leading cost benefits including: Miura Revive™ – an integrated platform feature allowing the recovery of a device when an OS or application related issue has rendered it inoperable.

No more redundant devices – the unique mobility of the M010 means a single device can provide multiple payment solutions without the need to purchase further or duplicate products. Your fixed POS solution no longer needs to dictate your staffing levels or movements. With the M010 your staff needn’t be confined to the tills, missing out on important customer interaction. Instead, they directly influence the purchase by bringing payments to the customers on the retail floor and reduce the potential of lost sales opportunities.

Open Architecture

The M010’s open architecture easily integrates into environments with in-built barcode scanners, biometric readers, and signature panels for those in transitioning EMV markets. The M010 includes Bluetooth for next generation customer interaction at the point of sale through Bluetooth proximity and smart beacon solutions. Our M010 Wi-Fi option provides enhanced flexibility by leveraging existing in-store communications networks.


The M010 comes with a range of accessories to work for your environment. Docking and power solutions enable you to charge and download data. For high volume environments a charging rack is included so that units can be easily switched for use. The M010 is the perfect device to integrate into tablet wraps connecting optionally via a USB connector.

Software Development (SDK)

Developed on the proven Miura Linux secure platform, the Miura M010 is provided with an extensive SDK to allow partners the ability to develop their own applications quickly – without the need for specialized development resource and the constraints of proprietary development languages. This allows our partners to develop new and innovative solutions for all aspects of retail payments and stay ahead of the game in delivering the next generation of retail payment.

via Miura Systems