Get Paid Wherever Your Business Goes with Clover

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Mobile POS solutions from Clover

Take payments anywhere with Wireless 3G connectivity

Clover Flex

Clover Flex

Versatility at the counter and on the go

Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile

Portable business system that goes wherever you go

Clover Go All-in-one

Clover Go All-In-One

Accept payments from your mobile device.

Powerful at the counter POS from Clover

Do everything POS systems built for retail

Clover Station

Clover Station

A powerful, customizable countertop POS system

Clover Mini

Clover Mini

Compact POS that can handle whatever job you throw its way


Orders, inventory, all your data is stored in the cloud. Manage your business from anywhere.

Customize Your System

All devices sync together, so you can build a custom set of devices that fit your business needs.

Over 200 Apps

Manage and promote your business with Clover apps

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About EPS

Our customers are the most important people we know.  Our goal is to help you maximize your cash flow while keeping your payment processes running smoothly and securely so YOUR customers will be happy and loyal.